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An incredibly accomplished and visceral depiction of an internal psychological journey made tangible through dynamic use of visual storytelling and sound design." 

The WOFFF21 Judges

On a deserted East Sussex beach, a sixty-two year old woman struggles to face down her inner demons as she makes her way into the water.

Writer Louise struggled with anorexia in her early life, the shadow of which still remains even in her later years.  In her words; "Honestly, I don't think it ever really goes away". This ground breaking short film project is very much a personal journey for her, and opens much needed discussion about eating disorders in older women. 

Director Lois Norman comments; "Louise has crafted a beautifully complex, yet refreshingly simple script: a skill in itself to convey the inner ‘war zone’ in a very outer, visceral way so more can connect to the subject. This, I believe is both challenging and necessary, or nothing will ever be understood to enable us to change personally, or societally.

There is a perception perhaps, that in your 60s all is done and sorted, and we ‘older’ women, make jam and knit. Few question that the ‘fight ‘still goes on inside and self-acceptance does not have a sell by date…how powerful then, to witness this woman take all that limits her and literally push it ‘under the waves’, an emancipation of one woman, an affirmation that as women over 60: neither do we!"


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